Setting up QNTC without integrated server and domain

Our integrated server went down which was also our domain controller. We also setup a temporary windows 2003 server for QNTC. Our SA400 os is v5r4. Since QNTC cant browse the server on the network without a domain I manually added the 2003 server.  I did so by clickin on the QNTC  folder in iNavigaror and adding a folder with the same name as the IP of the server.  On the server I created a local user with the same name/password as the AS400 login. Also, on the server I created a share with open permissions to everyione and the new login. When I click on the server folder/IP in QNTC is seems to hand and when it eventually comes back it doesn't show the windows share.  I thought the integrated server wasnt required for QNTC to work. Is the domain still required?

How do I get my scenario to work.
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Gary PattersonVP Technology / Senior Consultant Commented:
Check the domain name that is configured on IBM NetServer service in Navigator.  Should match your domain or workgroup name.

QNTC / NetServer browsing rules are a little complicated.  Browsing works in both domain and workgroup environments.

Without a WINS server, QNTC will browse only the local network for Windows shares.

If a WINS server is configured on your network, and NetServer is configured to use it, you will also be able to browse Windows shares on other networks.

Regardless of the presence or absence of a WINS server, you can add a server to the QNTC list using the MKDIR command, as long as DNS is properly configured to resolve the server name.  MKDIR command has to be re-run after each IPL.

Lots of restrictions.  Suggest you read this IBM TechNote:

Also be aware that system or job environment variables can alter default behavior:

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akobes05Author Commented:
The domain that was configured in NetServer was the integrated server so that domain is down. Also, the temporary server that was setup wasn't added to a domain.  I did do a MKDIR and I made sure the user/passwords match. When I browser other servers in QNTC they come back right away and hare no shares. Thats expected since they are all newer OSs. When I browse the 203 server I know is trying to do something because it hangs for a few minutes. The it eventually comes back with no shares. Its almost as is I dont have something enabled on the 2003 server.
akobes05Author Commented:
I managed to figure out why it was hanging when I clicked on the server in QNTC.  It was because windows firewall on the 2003 server was blocking traffic. When I turned off the firewall I could see the share and the contents. However, I dont want to leave the firewall off.

Does anyone know what port I need to open up in windows firewall for QNTC to work?
Gary PattersonVP Technology / Senior Consultant Commented:
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