Installing windows 7 remotely

Hello Experts this is the situation
Remote LAN one station needs to have installed win7 in order to move on to win 10
there is an iso file of win 7  no dvd
now I used DVD FAB to create a virtual disk on another pc,

Is it possible to start pc from a network virtual drive ... so windows gets installed ?
how ?

the broken pc has no disk drive and there is no people inside just me remotely...
Please your help
RGuillermoProject ManagerAsked:
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Olgierd UngehojerConnect With a Mentor Senior Network AdministratorCommented:
You can do this if you would have network KVM over there.  There is no way to install physical computer, because after reboot you will lost access to it.  I believe that there is not network card on device to let you connect by the network to some gui. Even if you want to boot from network by WDS you have to enable this in bios. You can prepare USB stick with prepared system image, boot form, then remote to system and clone image on physical hdd.
bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
Is it a virtual machine or physical one?
Jackie ManCommented:
You cannot remotely install windows 7 on a remote machine which has no disk drive.
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What hardware/vendor sone systems have remote install capability.
Others covered different options.
RGuillermoProject ManagerAuthor Commented:
its a physcial machine
but our boss has decided we will send someone living close to that location.
Thank you for your help those topics mentioned we will study and develop for the next time this happens..
RGuillermoProject ManagerAuthor Commented:
Excellent we will surely implemet all we  can to have better control of those remote locations
thank you
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