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Hello Experts,

I have a deployment of 10 Exchange 2010 server already running in my environment and my Exchange Web services are published to the internet with this 2010 platform (OWA, ActSync, EWS, etc). I want to go hybrid with a separate and new server in the organization that runs Exchange 2016. The reasons for not going directly with an Hybrid with an existing Exch 2010 is that this platform is almost out of support and second, that I want to avoid as much as possible any modification on the current production environment.

Now that I am going to install the hybrid, some questions are coming to my mind...

1. Office 365 needs to communicate specifically with the EWS virtual directory of the server with the hybrid installed? (In few words... if I want to go with my new Exch 2016 server, does it mean that I will need to publish specifically this server?

2. In case that the answer for the first question is Yes. Would it be better to publish my exchange 2010 servers using the exchange 2016 servers (here I will need to lead with proxy/redirection depending on the connections) or better use a different URL for the new Exch 2016 and publish it in parallel with a different IP address?

Thanks for your toughs

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When a new version of the Exchange is introduced to the environment, the recommended approach is to make that new server is a end-point for all the connectivity.
You can use this guide:
to deploy the 2016 into existing organization.  Make sure to update 2010 with the latest SP and RU.
After switching overt all the connectivity to the new 2016, including internal and from the internet, you would designate it as Hybrid on it.
2016 will proxy all the connections to 2010.
So yes and yes.
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What about publishing everything trough the Exch 2016 servers (and proxy to 2010) vs publishing Exch 2016 with a separate URL and public IP?

- Not touching the current environment or the publication flow

- Use a different digital certificate or add a new name to the existing SAN and renew the certificate for all servers.
- Consume a separate public IP.

What other Pros and Minus am I missing?
Yes, you can create separate URL etc, if you really need. But there is no real benefit kn maintaining two separate name spaces. The migration guide is thorough and explains everything you need. I do recommend to patch both Exchange servers to the latest versions.
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