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I have a user who tells me he cannot get his computer downstairs  which is windows 10   to sync with his device upstairs which he say is 385 or something. Now I am sure he means 365 and assume he is on a cloud. I have not yet seen either device to be sure and I am not sure he had it working before now. Before I head over to his office next week (Monday) I would like to know what I should look for other than is syncing turned on? He is a priest so I am sure he is not computer savvy at all and this is not to say priest do not know computers but he is older and the fact that he called his computer 385 tells me he is not. Myself, I have never dealt with syncing a device per say and have not had to do so since I have been in this field. I do know that in settings and accounts there is a place to turn this feature on. All advice on this would be greatly helpful as I am going to try to go over this weekend to see. He is very busy so I may have to wait until Monday but I would like to prepare with some knowledge before I go over.
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