ip route command


I am trying to setup static routing and need some assistance please. I have two routers that talk to each other but I need them to talk to an additional router on a different network. Here is what I have. Router 1 and router 2 are a cisco 1841 and the other is an asus


I typed in "ip route"
I checked the routing table using sh ip route and I do not see nothing about network.

FE0 172.16.46.

I typed in "ip route"
I checked the routing table using sh ip route and I do not see nothing about network.
HERE is a 3rd router which is a SOHO router

so I have configured static routing on the first router with the following. and have forwarding setup on the router

i setup static interface for the asus router also
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Hemil AquinoNetwork EngineerCommented:
From R1-R2: ip route (R2 subnet) (next hop gateway)
From R2-R1: ip route (R1 Subnet) (Next hope  gateway)
From R1-R3: ip route (R2 subnet) (next hop gateway)
From R3-R1: ip route (R2 subnet) (next hop gateway) ---Only router 1 will communicate with router 3

Does that make sense to you?
techdriveAuthor Commented:
thanks I see it now
Hemil AquinoNetwork EngineerCommented:
It works?
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techdriveAuthor Commented:
cisco router 1841asus routerfailed connection result switch
Attached is the result. I am pinging this from a machine thats on the network. All are connected through a cisco  switch 3700 no vlans at this time., They are all online. I can go to that machine and work with connectivity who is on the same network 10.0.3.x but anything outside no go.
Hemil AquinoNetwork EngineerCommented:
I quite dont get what you are telling me, could you please tell me from which host you are unable to connect. Meaning which subnet you want to reach?
If you can draw a diagram with your needs, that'd will be awesome.

For what I can see you have one static route from all the network started as
Another one from via 172.16.46.x
And the last resort gateway.

Did you insert those inputs below?
make sure you got them right.

From R1: ip route (R2 subnet) (next hop gateway R2 gateway)
From R2-R1: ip route (R1 Subnet) (Next hope R1 gateway)

From R1-R3: ip route (R1 subnet) (next hop R1 gateway)
From R3-R1: ip route (R3 subnet) (next hop R3 gateway) ---Only router 1 will communicate with router 3

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techdriveAuthor Commented:
ok sorry about my absence but I found an issue and corrected it. Its 80 percent working. I found that 172.46 is a routable ip address so I switched my ip scheme to 10.10.1.x, 10.10.2.x and 10.10.3.x but here is my issue. 10.10.1.x is the asus router. I cannot get static routing working with this router. Static routing works with my other two cisco routers but not this one. Even when I do a tracert route it tries to go to the internet looking for 10.10.2.x
techdriveAuthor Commented:
I got it resolved from the client Route Add -P destination ip address mask next hop.
Hemil AquinoNetwork EngineerCommented:
Good, glad I help.
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