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Zyxel WAC6502d not connecting to NCX2500


My client noticed the absence of the usual Wifi SSID in one area of his hotel and asked me to investigate

Apparently the local AP, a Zyxel WAC6502d, is now back to advertising it's default SSID : ZYXEL

From what I gather it was initially setup in AC Discovery mode and the NCX2500 provided it with its running parameters

So I disconnected it and connected my notebook directly to it (using a PoE injector of course)

It didn't provide me with an IP address; strange, I thought that the majority of APs functioned by default in stand alone mode

The manual indicated that by default its IP address is therefore I configured my notebook's LAN interface accordingly
No joy, I can't ping the AP

I checked to see if the ZYXEL SSID was still being advertised and what do you know ? No ZYXEL SSID anymore.

I'm sure that there is a reasonable explanation for this situation

Anyone out there care to share their know how please ?

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Distinguished Expert 2019
You have to use the reset button to get it back to default settings to switch it back to standalone mode. So you'll need to start there.

Once you get that part done, I'd recommend making sure that the firmware is totally up to date. Hopefully it is a malfunction that would be corrected in such a simple manner. Of course, once that is all done, you'll need to set back to Discovery mode.


Thanks Masnrock, your suggested approach worked perfectly


Question : Three APs  that I had to reset were assigned a different IP address, is there anyway that I can change this address back to what it initially was ? Is there a DHCP reservation option in Object/Address ?
Distinguished Expert 2019

Based on your question, I'm assuming the controller is acting as the DHCP server. Based on the manual I'm reading, I believe you have to use "Enable IP/MAC binding" to accomplish it.