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jquery, html5, local storage

I have the jquery script below. and it is working. however, when I try to parse to html that have two same id name. It does not show the value any more. If I put one iabel name id. it works.

How can I make more than 1 label has value from the local storage codes below?

        window.onload = function() {
        function retrieveData() {
            for (var i = 0, len = localStorage.length; i < len; i++) {
                var key = localStorage.key(i);
                var value = localStorage[key];
                if (value == "")
                    value = "Missing";
                $('#' + key).html(value);
                //alert(key + " => " + value);

<label id="test1"></label>
<label id="test1"></label>

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The rule is that 'id's must be unique.  JavaScript will only find the first one.  I don't know why you're getting nothing except that each 'id' should be different.
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Because I need to show the values on different areas. What is my options to make it happen?
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Your code is looping over the localStorage domain and finding key values which it is linking to elements in the document.

You only have one key : value pairing for each key value - so this should map to a single element. I don't understand why you have two lables with the same ID - do you want to set both to the same value?

If that is the case then rather use a class or a data-attribute and then use that in your selector for setting the values.

But I would be interested to know if you really want to target more than one element for a single key:value (localStorate) pair or if it should be a single LS value to a single document element?