slow finish to downloading mp3

when i download an mp3 file it gets almost done and then sits there for minute or more before it finishes and i can open it. this started recently. it happens on my win7pro64 but not on my win10home64 machine. both machines are running just standard ms anti virus [mse, defender] and no other protection.
what would cause this?
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James MillerCommented:
After a file is downloaded then the AV scanner will scan it before completing the download, if there is a difference in spec of the machines then that can cause it.  Obviously it will take longer to scan on a machine with slower disks/cpu/memory than a faster machine.  That could be one reason for the difference in speed.

The other reason is that the cache in the browser is getting too large on the win7pro64 machine.  I've seen this a few times, especially with Chrome for some reason.  Try clearing the cache Clear Chrome Cache and Cookies on the win7pro64 machine and it'll probably sort it.
alk444Author Commented:
tnx for the suggestions.
i think i found the problem. i was running the browser in sandboxie. when i run outside sbie, it acts normal. i will pursue this with sbie.

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James MillerCommented:
That would do it! Glad you found the problem!
alk444Author Commented:
i got the fix from the sandboxie forum:

If you like to disable Immediate recovery (prompts by Sandboxie that offer to recover after downloading a file), you can. Go to Sandbox settings>Recovery>Immediate recovery, uncheck "Enable Immediate Recovery".

it is still a mystery what caused this since it never used to be a problem.
alk444Author Commented:
it seems to be right
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