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Sonicwall Global VPN client static IP

We have a Sonicwall TZ205 and setup a VPN using the Sonicwall VPN client.  It connects fine and puts us on the network fine.  The problem we have is our Shoretel phone system was a pain to setup so we have DHCP enabled on the Sonicwall and we put all of our desktops on Static addresses using the server as DNS.  

When the machine connects and gets the DHCP info, it gets the WAN DNS and not the DNS of the server so the programs the user has icons for on the desktop are not working.

I went into the adapter settings under network settings on the Global VPN client adapter and set a static IP with the DNS of the server.  It worked fine the other day and now the user is getting an error, Received invalid ID information notify then it goes to "Starting ISAKMP Phase 2 negotioation, starting quick mode phase 2 exchange, then errors again with Received Invalid ID information notify".

When I go back into the Sonicwall VPN connection Properties and go back to the Static IP, the gateway is blank.  I can reset it and everytime it goes back blank after trying to connect.

Is there a setting I need to change somewhere in the Sonicwall for this static config to work correctly?
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