how to change .exe name?

maurice cristen
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I want to change ''magic.exe'' to  ''mytool.exe'' , i rename the .exe but in processes does not change,keep the same name, what to do?
thank you!
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The exe's name would not change the image name.
Check to see whether there is a prefetch

Double check whose name you are changing.
You can try to use advanced security security setting and lock the fill name.
you can find it in advanced security settings under property tab
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You cannot change "magic" to "mytool"  in processes name ,  but you can change "magic" to any 5 character like "mytoo"

You need a free Hex editor to do that. open your ''magic.exe''  in that editor. find 'magic and replace it with another 5 character, save and exit.

*  even one more space or even an additional character will make your file unusable.

Note: create a copy of your file before editing,

Hex Editor:


thank you
RaminTechnical Advisor

You're very Welcome.

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