create command button for data entry

I want to create a query logging system (query being a question asked by a customer who calls in)

I want to be able to capture each customer's questions in a table, but I do not want to over-write the previous question asked by that same customer - I want to be able to keep a log of all the questions asked so that I would be able to track whether the customer's questions have been attended to and the query closed (similar to a help-desk ticket system)

The customers already exist in the database, so there details are already in the system.

I want to do all of the above by clicking on a command button on a capture form.

Thank you.
Lee WinterAsked:
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This you can do in almost any programming language. Simply place the command button on the form and in its Click event call appropriate code.

Of course, the best approach is when the programming language is same as the one used for the existing form.

You could also use any existing ticketing or help desk system which allows the same functionality without programming which does not seem to be your strength.

We are using the free Trac system ( for this purpose. It allows each issue tracking and much more.
Lee WinterAuthor Commented:
Thank you, pcelba, for your response.

Yes, programming is not my strength (yet); I am new to all of this and I am still learning.  After some internet searching, it is pretty obvious I will have to use some form of coding.

I do not want to use a pre-built system created by someone else; I will persevere and I will build my own system.

Thank you
To start such project from zero is difficult today.

1) You must have some basic concept and you have to know what the app should do. This you have already.
2) You must decide about the platform, ie. supported operating systems and devices and also decide about desktop/web + used database engine.
3) You have to select the programming language/tools and look for some code samples for beginners.
4) Then you may start to update the existing code samples or start to write a new code.

You have to realize your path will be full of dead ends and mistakes. What do you know about databases?
So first of all look for free on-line courses in the area of your interest.

Of course, to use the existing app (like the mentioned Trac) is much easier but to update it or write some plugin in Python is a nightmare for beginners.

Also look what programming languages are the most common ones today:
Maybe you could start here:

And remember AI will start programming very soon... so we'll become candidates for job change.  :-)

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Lee WinterAuthor Commented:
Thank you so much, pcelba!

I don't know much about databases, just the very basics, like creating forms, etc. but I know nothing about making the form interactive and usable - this is obviously where the coding comes in.... and here my rocky road begins...

I am looking at some basic programming tutorials and online courses. I do realize that it is not going to be easy, but I am very keen and very excited to learn!

Thank you for the tips and advice; much appreciated.
Author expressed thanks without question closing so I've finished it.
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