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unsupported hardware for windows update

grnow asked
bought a new machine and wants to install back windows 7. got the message unsupported hardware when doing windows updates (attached). any workaround for this to still get the windows 7 updates?
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Most Valuable Expert 2013
This is by design, Microsoft have pushed updates that effectively nag you to upgrade your system to 10 so that is has "better support" for security fixes.  You can disable the nag but you would have to patch wuaueng.dll to do this which , of course, means the resulting system is unsupported and potentially compromised.  It also means any time Microsoft push a further update which replaces wuaueng.dll the nag will reappear so at best it's a workaround.

That said it's your customer's choice to run 7 on a platform built for a newer OS so why shouldn't they? They just need to understand the risks involved.
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Have heard, have not used, but adding a Windows 7 theme to a Windows 10 system might help the person using the system to work with familiar while advancing with their comfort with the new..
An application running on Windows 7 could run on 10, if not, the application can be run under compatibility mode....

Alternatively taking sone time to familiarize the person with the windows 10, describing premise, etc. may increase the comfort level and a confidence boost to manage/handle changes as ms updates Windows 10.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)
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Microsoft has said that new machines and CPU must be designed not to run Windows 7. Stick with Windows 10 and you will be fine. You may have to upgrade some of your software.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process Advisor
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I would strongly advise your client to run a newer system.  Patches are important... unless they are interested in being infected by ransomware and other security issues.  If a system is no longer supported to run Windows 7, then it's not getting all the necessary patches to keep it save and it's exposing the user to huge security risks.  It's not just unwise, it's foolish in my opinion.
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Further info:
Microsoft and both intel and AMD have decided not to support Windows 7 on newer chipsets. That means for (for example) intel, that the 6th generation of coreI3/5/7 processors which is code named "skylake" is the last to be fully supported by windows 7. Newer systems (kaby lake, coffee lake) will not receive drivers for win7 nor will they get windows updates.

So your error already lies in choosing hardware that is not supported on win7.
(Please note: there is one exception to the rule: some mainboards have sockets for both old and new processors and thus will have drivers for win7, but when equipped with kaby lake CPUs will not receive windows updates).

I've got the situation where the software I need to run barely has a windows 7 version, so I can only imagine how long it will be until they come out with a win 10 version! This is point of sale software & not exactly dealing with the sharpest tools in the shed, so setting up a VM type scenario isn't really an option.
I am open to suggestions!