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CD/DVD Drive Is Not Detected

Today i tried to write a movie on dvd disk, but when i inserted disk it showed nothing in "My Computer" as well as in "device manager"(DVD/CD-ROM is missing from Device Manager). Disk rotates, but that's it. I tried to see if problem is held in bios and it seems not (in boot options dvd/cd-rom is first). Disk with software on it (for example Linux OS) is being loaded just fine. Sometimes after windows restart cd/dvd drive is being shown, but not for long (gone after i open cd-rom to put disk in it or simply some time passes). I can't reinstall driver because :
1) i couldn't find it on manufacturer website (i have a disk, but can't check if its there)
2) device manager is not showing me DVD/CD-ROM section at all

I am using windows 7 64-bit

Please help!
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You know the drive works because it boots Linux OS
So this is a problem in Windows
It's not a driver because Windows natively support optical drives
Try this fix from Microsoft to restore it (the upper/lower filters "trick")
Method 5 here:
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I didn't find there upper/lower filters and went to step 6, but it didn't work
Try the following detailed steps. This normally works for me.

(Summarized from )

1. Close down all open programs
2. Open regedit.exe with Run as Administrator
3. Navigate to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\... .…{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}
4. There should be one of, or both of, UpperFilters and LowerFilters
5. Click on UpperFilters, Edit Delete
6. Click on LowerFilters, Edit Delete
7. Close down regedit trees and close regedit
8. Open Device Manager and Uninstall DVD / CD Drive
9. Shut Down
10. Restart and DVD / CD Drive should come back with auto discover

Please let us know.
I couln't find nor UpperFIlers or LowerFilers file, only: Default, Class, ClassDesc, EnumPropPages32, IconPath, Installer32, NoIstallClass, SilentInstall.
Try running SFC /SCANNOW from an Admin command prompt. Restart when that has completed and test
In Device Manager "View" Choose "Show hidden devices"
Is the drive there?
In Device Manager with hidden devices still no DVD/CDD-ROM
Hmmm Try a USB CD-ROM and see if that works
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Check to be sure that the data cable isn't loose,

if that's a software problem and has happened recently the you can use System Restore.
or Try a Windows 7 Repair Install.

if you are interested in more details about System Restore or Windows 7 Repair Install just let me know.
Looks like when i boot linux from disk it works fine (tried 2 times). Until windows loaded my dvd/cd-rom was open(not to load linux again) and when i closed it, works again...
It appears to be a flaky device. That could happen
And its gone again. It took me to put disk out, that happend
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Thank you for help. At least i know that my device is at fault.
Thanks for the update and I was happy to help.