Can you put hybrid drives in a raid 1 configuration

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I had a Samsung Evo Pro SSD drive as my System drive. When it failed I found out that my backups images were bad. Major pain ensued.

I was thinking about getting a second SSD and configuring them as mirrors but Samsung said this was not a recommended configuration.

I want to go back to a mirrored System Disk but I was wondering if hybrid disks might be able to be configured as a mirror.

If it is possible would the performance improvement be noticeable. Would it be worth it?

I have Intel Raid on my 2008 Gigabyte Motherboard

Thanks in advance

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First, the raid on your motherboard is a $2.00 fake raid controller.  To be blunt, it is crap.  Don't use it.  

Use your operating system to do RAID1.  It is  going to be much, much faster, because the software RAID stacks do read balancing,  i.e, the O/S-based RAID splits read requests.  In a perfect world you would see 2x read performance if disks were equal.  If one disk was superior, then you would get MORE than 2 x improvement in reads because the fastest disk would get more work assigned to it.
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P.S. Samsung said not recommended because that RAID so-called controller isn't even designed to work with decent SSDs
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Convert the drives into Dynamic via Windows Disk Management and build there mirror on volumes. This is a software RAID1 then for you.
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