move project parms for ssis package

curently i am using project parms as
reporting password
reportinglogin: data

now i have moved that ssis package to my localhost for testing and i want to change that project parms as this job
calls another pacakage too and pass that parametrs to that job so that is failing

how i can do that as i have all tables on my localhost

my localhost  looks like below:

server :test

login test/aa
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Eugene ZCommented:
try to review this detailed MSFT article - it should help
Integration Services (SSIS) Package and Project Parameters

"Set parameter values after the project is deployed

The Deployment Wizard allows you to set server default parameter values when you deploy your project to the catalog. After your project is in the catalog, you can use SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) Object Explorer or Transact-SQL to set server default values.
Set server defaults with SSMS Object Explorer

    Select and right-click the project under the Integration Services node.

    Click Properties to open the Project Properties dialog window.

    Open the parameters page by clicking Parameters under Select a page.

    Select the desired parameter in the Parameters list. Note: The Container column helps distinguish project parameters from package parameters.

    In the Value column, specify the desired server default parameter value.

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