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GUI tool to count the number of sub-folders, files in a folder

Hello, i am searching for a GUI tool that would list the count of files, and sub-folders present in a shared folder. i know of Tree Size, and Beyond compare, but these provide extra functionalities that i do not require. i simply need a tool that would list the file count in windows 7. something like the tool 'folder size', instead of size, i need folder, file count. if anybody is aware of any free of paid tool, please let me know. thanks in advance.
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WinDirStat. It's free. It does what you want.
Joe WinogradDeveloper
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I'm a huge fan of NirSoft's (free!) utilities, which I've been using for many years:

One of them is SearchMyFiles:

Scroll to the bottom of the page at the above URL for the download links. Note that there are both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. It is a no-install/stand-alone executable — just unzip the file and run the EXE. It has numerous options and allows you to choose the columns that you want in the report (it creates HTML reports that I like to load into Excel) . In your case, you would select the two columns with the count of files and sub-folders. Here's an example of an actual report from my system, but I've removed some of the Folder Path contents for security reasons:

nirsoft searchmyfiles folders files counts
Regards, Joe
Shaun VermaakSenior Consultant
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Irrespective of the tool you use, run it as SYSTEM so that you do not miss any folders/files that you might not have rights to