Two Stored Procedures in single Crystal Report

I have two Stored procedures in one crystal report. Both having same parameters.
But when One stored procedure data is NULL then other stored procedure data is not visible on report which has data in it.

If I do Browse Data for another stored procedure which has data then the data is clearly visible in Browse Data Dialogue box but not on  report.

For example, refer the attached report link :
Sailee GovekarStudentAsked:
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It happens because you have the SPs joined with an inner join.  In that case if either SP fails to have data you will not have any records returned.

Will one of the stored procedures ALWAYS have data?
If so you can make that one the main SP and join it to the other with a LEFT OUTER JOIN.

If it is possible for either SP to return no data you can try changing the join you have to FULL OUTER if your database supports that.

Sailee GovekarStudentAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your valuable feedback.
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