Publishing a .net application / Cannot locate Applicatiion.exe file after install using 2017 Community edition

I am trying to deploy an application that is basically a restricted web-browser that I have created within c# using the superb CefSharp libraries.  However, I need to call this application from a command line prompt, adding a switch at the end to take the user to the correct page - for example:


After using the "Publish" function, and creating the setup.exe file.  I install it, it runs automatically and pops a shortcut into the Start menu.  Whilst this is fine, it won't run correctly unless I issue the website switch at the end (this will ultimately be done through another application).

Ultimately, I need to see a .exe file and control where the Setup.exe file is putting it.

I'm pretty new to c# - so any help would be greatly appreciated.
Andy BrownDeveloperAsked:
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You could look at the properties of your shortcut to see if this indicates where the binaries have been placed, otherwise, you are going to need to provide us with the settings you used when you *Published* the application.

Andy BrownDeveloperAuthor Commented:
Thank you for coming back to me so quickly.

The properties, don't give me that information (I went through all of the tabs).  As for the *Published* settings, I simply used the default, 'Publish' settings, under the Build menu item, within the 2017 Community edition.

Sorry - I'm pretty new to c#, so if I'm not making sense........well, it's me...
You are fine...  Give me a second to whip up a hello world...

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Andy BrownDeveloperAuthor Commented:
Thank you -saige-
When you went to the Publish Wizard, through the Build Menu Item, what was the path that you placed in the location?Capture.PNG
Second question, which option did you choose for the How will users install the application dialog?Capture.PNG-saige-
Andy BrownDeveloperAuthor Commented:
Location to publish: D:\Database\TSBrowser Installation\
From a CD-ROM
Andy BrownDeveloperAuthor Commented:
It's not checking for updates
Assuming you left everything as is, the binaries should be located in:

C:\users\<yourusername>\Documents\Visual Studio 2017\Projects\<yourprojectname>\publish
C:\users\<yourusername>\Documents\Visual Studio 2017\Projects\<yoursolutionname>\<yourprojectname>\publish


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Andy BrownDeveloperAuthor Commented:
Got it..... easy when you know how (but I should have found that).

Thank you so much for helping out.
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