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Is there an easy was to set up email (other than standard received notice) to determine if an email sent has been received. We keep having issues with our emails not received.
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I'm not sure what your messaging environment looks like or your level of access, but generally message tracking logs or SMTP logs would be what you would need in this situation.
David FavorFractional CTO
Distinguished Expert 2018

If I understand your question, refer to your MTA logs to follow your message.

1) You should see it queued, when sent.

2) Immediately or after some time interval, you'll see a queue run, where your MTA connects to the MX record associated with and address + attempts delivery.

3) At this point you'll either see the external MX accept the message or reject it.

4) The MX may later reject the message for delivery + at this point you'll get a bounce.

If you use a service like MailGun, just lookup the message + you'll see all these steps laid out neatly, for each message sent.

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