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Changing hard drive where ESXi is installed and boots from?

Some ESXi hosts were set up several years ago in what seems to be a 'temporary' fashion.
One Host has all datastores in RAID0.
The other host, all but one are RAID0, and of course ESXi was installed on one of the RAID0.

I checked this in vCenter by going to Configuration -> Hardware -> Storage -> Device View and looking for the devices with 'VMware Diagnostic' and 'Legacy MBR' partitions. This is the right way to check where ESXi is installed, right?

So now I want to fix this by making these datastores at least RAID1. The VM's I can handle migrating them between datastores as I swap disks but I'm not sure how this would be done for the ESXi install itself.

Is there a way to move the install to another datastore?

Ideally, I'd like to copy the install to another datastore and then test ESXi boots from that location before I swap out the current disks. Is that possible?

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