O365 not able to see all Free/Busy information

Unable to see Free/Busy timesHello all,

Hopefully this will be a quick and easy question.

First of all, this is NOT a hybrid environment.  It is Exchange Online only.

Penny, the user I am working with is not able to see the free/busy information for most of her coworkers.

According to her, this was working an then one day she was no longer able to see the free/busy times for most everybody.

She doesn't get an error other than "free/busy information cannot be displayed".  

I am attaching a screenshot so you can see what we are dealing with.

Again, this is only an O365 environment...no on-prem at all.

I looked at the users in the O365 portal and can't see anything different between the ones she can see the free/busy and the ones she can't.

She is using Outlook 2010.

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Scott CSenior Systems EnginerAsked:
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Vasil Michev (MVP)Commented:
Does it work in OWA? Does she have any other issues, such as fetching Autodiscover or OOO replies and mail tips? Also check her EWS status

Get-CASMailbox user | fl *ews*

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Jackie ManCommented:
Have you tried to remove the mail profile in Outlook and add it back again?
Scott CSenior Systems EnginerAuthor Commented:
We can see the free/busy in OWA...the user decided she didn't want to pursue any further as we were billing hourly.  

Another profile did not see any difference.

As she was on Outlook 2010 I suggested she try it on a newer version of Outlook 2013/2016.
Scott CSenior Systems EnginerAuthor Commented:
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