User login ia taking much higher time (Windows 7 & Windows 10

We have 3 new users. whenever they logged in any machine it takes around 15 minutes to load the profile (means showing desktop) every time however any existing user logged on same machine it works as normal. we are facing this issue for last week joinee users only.
Bhushan GadgeAsked:
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Bhushan GadgeAuthor Commented:
Thanks All,
This issue is resolved. It was GPO issue (Wallpaper was not in path which was mentioned in GPO)
Satish AutiSenior System AdministratorCommented:
Is there profile configured as roaming or local from server end. Is there any map drive configured which might takes long time to connect. Try to login by disconnecting the network connection.
What is your setup? Echo Satish's point. local/roaming profile, local/redirected folders. Drive mappings as part of GPP, etc.
does the setup include login/logout scripts to identify which DC they authenticate to? Check the environment (dcdiag)
other users on the same station have no issues? check ipconfig /all to make sure there are no public name server records in the output.
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Bhushan GadgeAuthor Commented:
it works fine by disconnecting network.

Please refer the below answer for your question.

1) Profile configured - Local
2) Map Drive - No
run the following in a command window
nslookup -q=srv _ldap._tcp.dc._msdcs.youraddomain

It sounds you have a two fold issue.
Potentially a faulty DC or a long discarded DC.
The login should not be consistently slow, it would be intermittent and would/should affect other users who start a new session.

Check on the system whether the new user now has a local profile c:\users\<newusername>
Do you have folder redirection deployed? This might be an issue if the <newusername> does not have rights to create the redirected folders in the \\addomain\<userfolders_share>\<newusername> or \\servername\<userfolders_share>\<newusername>

In this case, every time the user logs in, the system will try to redirect the folders when the GPO applies (offline, GPO does not apply) and will take until it times out/gives up before letting the user onto the system

network off, in the absence of a network, cached credentials are used, and GPO are not applied.
Bhushan GadgeAuthor Commented:
Result of command as below

C:\>nslookup -q=srv _ldap._tcp.dc._msdcs.youraddomain

*** can't find _ldap._tcp.dc._msdcs.youraddomain: Non-existent domain
You need to replace yourdomain with the real name of your domain.
Seth SimmonsSr. Systems AdministratorCommented:
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