When I use my Officejet 6820 with wifi connection, I cannot use my other wifi connection for the internet

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What are my options to be able to print wireless and keep on using my internet connection.
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Please provide more details about your system (is it a Windows PC?) and how the various pieces are connected. What is your "other wifi connection"? Is your PC(?) using more than 1 WiFi network? Is there 1 router involved, or more than 1? What model?

If your printer and PC are on the same subnet you should be able to connect to both internet and printer. If they are on different subnets, your router should act as a bridge between the two. However, something may be wrong there.

What are the IP addresses of the printer and the PC? For the printer, print a configuration page. Printing a config page (or network settings page) should be possible from the printer's front panel. The manual should have instructions. For the PC, type IPCONFIG /ALL at a DOS prompt.

Please provide as much additional information as you can.

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