Windows 10 Video Editing Software

I am doing some work on a client's PC and she has asked me to recommend some video viewing and editing software.
Video software is something I know absolutely nothing about.
Could somebody, familiar with the software on the market, please provide some information on what is out there that is user friendly and either free or reasonably priced.
Thanks for your help.
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Michael HulseTechieCommented:
Get Movie Maker : Free Video Editor from the Microsoft Store -
RaminTechnical AdvisorCommented:
Adobe premiere and SONY vegas are the best Video Editing Softwares.

Useful link:
William MillerInventory/IT ConsultantCommented:
Movie Maker is a good choice for ease of use. Both Premier and Vegas are pretty cost heavy depending on the purpose of the software. If this is someone trying to get into professional editing in some capacity then I would defer her to Adobe Premier as it's more versatile and has a wider collection of compatible softwares (all from Adobe mostly). If she's looking to edit home videos from time to time, then she'd be better off going with Movie Maker or:

For my two cents Blender is also a good option:

Very powerful tool that's also open source.
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For SONY Vegas MovieStudio, I bought it at a great discount on their website this past July 4th sale. I presume they have it yearly.
Not sure if the other mentioned brands do the same.
Ryan ChongCommented:
I personally used Sony Vegas v12 before, it's a very nice video editing software.

some of my friends are using Filmora and Power Director.


Power Director

you may look for those video editing software that compatible with NewBlueFX, i believe this will make your video editing experience much enjoyable.

vlogg5Author Commented:
Free is nice. I installed movie maker and she is happy with that. If she wants something more powerful then
I will try William's program.
vlogg5Author Commented:
Thanks everybody.
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