How to set up emails replied from a shared mail box- The replied emails must land in the sent items of the shared mailbox.

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We use Exchange 2017 and Outlook 2013 and there is a shared mail box called “NEWS” shared between 2 staff and  whenever they reply any email that is on the shared mail box the sent mail goes to their personal inbox sent items.

Is there any way to set up that when they reply any emails from the shared mail box, the replied email is on the shared mailbox sent items.

Any help would be great.
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Exchange 2017 ?

Please try the following.

set-mailbox <Shared mailbox name> -MessageCopyForSentAsEnabled $True


We use Exchange 2017 and Outlook 2013, can this be setup on this.
i have never heard of Exchange 2017, anyways, please try the CMD on Exchange Shell, if CMD runs successfully without any error then it should help.
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Another option is to enable IMAP for your Exchange server.

And remove the mail account of the shared mailbox and add it back as an IMAP mail account.

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