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FTP from LINUX. Too many files?

I have an application on a linux server that writes some output files into a single directory. With recent growth in business that directory has about 147,000 files in it at any time.  These are mostly temp print files that are continually purged

I have a handful of users that use FTP clients (WS_FTP and Filezilla) to copy specific files from linux to their PC's. This is not working anymore, the FTP clients are only displaying a fraction of the total files.

I am not sure what is going on. Is there a limitation on either the FTP client of Linux server? Is some type of network or firewall issue preventing listing of all files? Is the issue at the desktop level?

As a temp solution, I am forced to access the Linux server and copy the file into a new (near empty) directory. The user can then grab the file from there no problem.

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