issue exporting access table into txt file with correct format

I have an access table that I need to export to a txt file so I can use it to import into our database. I am exporting it with spaces and a text qualifier with quotes. In the preview screen it looks perfect. The text has quotes around it and the numbers do not but as soon as I export and open it everything has quotes around it including numbers which wont work when I try to import. I need just the text to have quotes. Any idea why it looks fine in the preview but then exports with everything in quotes? I added a couple attachments so you can see what I am talking about.
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Bill PrewIT / Software Engineering ConsultantCommented:
I just tried a simple test in Access 2016 here and it worked as you wanted it to.  Below is the output simple sample text file, with two text columns, and two number columns.  What version are you using?

How are the number fields defined in the table, and what formatting etc do they have?

"ID" "t1" "n1" "t2" "n2"
1 "AAA" 111 "BBB" 222
2 "C" 3 "D" 4

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HOTWATTAuthor Commented:
I am using access 216
I have one field that is short text and all the rest are number. The number columns are formatted as decimals. I added an attachment of the format for the number columns.
Bill PrewIT / Software Engineering ConsultantCommented:
Ah, that seems to make a difference.  You might play around with the field formatting and see if you can get a format that is still useful for the data, but doesn't force in the double quotes.

Is there some reason that you are using the decimal data type?  If you don't need more than four decimal digits, Currency would be the best choice.  Otherwise, Double or Single would work.  It looks like the export is treating the decimal data type as text rather than numeric.  That would be a bug but you would still have to deal with it.  I created a text and verified that the Decimal data type is the problem.  You'll need to change it or create your own export using VBA.

1,11/7/2017 0:00:00,1234567890,123456789.12,12345.12,"12345678901.123"

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HOTWATTAuthor Commented:
That was the issue. The decimal format was being treated as text for some reason. I switched that and everything exported correctly. Thanks for all the help!
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