How do exchange permissions work when a user has multiple permissions to a mailbox?

I have a mailbox on exchange 2010. I have grated a user contributor permissions to the mailbox. The same user is also a member of a group that has reviewer permissions though. Do they get the lesser rights of the two? I know with NTFS that they would get a combination of the rights unless there was an explicit deny; which there is not in this case.
Kodiak BoulterAsked:
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Kodiak BoulterAuthor Commented:
Kimputer that is what I thought as well. When I removed the group that had lesser permissions it fixed the issue though. I just added the users from that group separately and moved on.
As with most Windows related things, it's almost NEVER LESSER rights. It's a combination, hence, it's the HIGHEST rights available.
Kodiak BoulterAuthor Commented:
Removed group and added users individually so lesser rights did not cause an issue
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