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This should be easy it has just been several years since I have tried it. We have a Windows 2012 r2 files server that has several quota templates created. Most users are assigned 1GB for their Home Directory. We do have several other options for power users though. I have a user that is currently set up with a 1GB quota and I need to move him to our 10GB template. I am in the File Server Resource Manager and see all the templates. How can I get a specific user out of 1 and in to 10? I have attached a copy of the screen I am looking at. I am sure there is an easy way to do this..thanks
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You should just need to go under quota, find the user that you want to adjust from 1GB to 10Gb template and make the change.

I might be failing to recall here, but quotas in the File Server Resource Manager are applied to drives / folders, rather than users?

Separately, you can right click on a drive from Windows Explorer, select 'Properties', and 'Quota'.  If that is enabled, you can set quotas for users there.



thanks for the help, what is a previous engineer had set up all those quota templates then left the company. They were never implemented. I stumbled on them and assumed that was how we issued quotas, but come to find out I we do it the old way. I just had to right click the drive and go t Quotas and configure the specific user the old way

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