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Rodger Reedy
Rodger Reedy used Ask the Experts™
I have an HP desktop with Windows 10.  It has a single DVD drive.  When inserting.a disk it does not register that there is anything in the drive.  I can hear it kidsspin up and the heads move, but nothing happens.  The drive does not appear in My Computer.  It works fine with an external USB drive.  What can I do to make the drive respond?
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Technical Advisor
Check it from BIOS Setup to see if it can be recognize from setup and make sure it is Enable.
If Bios cannot recognize it then check it's data cable or even replace the cable. also change it's power cable and retry.
if it has a master / slave jumper on the rear of it, set it to master / Slave mode and retest.
you can also boot your system with another Operating System media and check if it works.
if none of the above worked, you need to replace it with new one.
Joan LewisBusiness Analyst Finance
Hey Rodger,

Once follow up -->  Right Click on My computer - Click to MANAGE - Click on Device Manager - into right panel options select COMPUTER - Below menu bar you can see the last option mouse pointer will show you ( Scan for Hardware for Changes ) click on it and then check once if there is any update refreshed and you see either DVD writer drive is back or not.

let me know by following simple steps - I will let you know some other tips to get back DVD WRITER WORKING
Rodger ReedyProgram Manager


Experts-Exchange works.  Prompt responses that solved the problem.  Always my go-to resource for help.  Thanks for being there for me.
RaminTechnical Advisor

You're welcome and I'm glad we could help.

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