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I need to build mvc app that basically allow someone to crud
The xml file. The xml is just like we have products in each Usa states.

What is the approach to get it start? I know mvc has crud already but after I try it and I don't really want to use it because it takes me a long time to customize the ways I want it to be.

Overall, try to get it up faster and hope to find some tools for development in general.

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Any helps?
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Nit very clear from your question text, what exact you want to do.

Look at https://scintillanet.codeplex.com

Scitillanet controls can be embedded in yiu c# applications.

Also suggrst, look at XML TO C# Class conversion, mappibg utils. Once you read parse Xml, yiu can also build GUI to edit read XML . Once dobe, you can write to memory contents to XML file.
ste5anSenior Developer

What's your problem?

Implementing a MVC web site or Web API Rest controller takes only ~4 hours when you know what you want to do. Just follow the videos on asp.net/mvc and asp.net/web-api.

[..] customize [..]
You customize a ready-to-use application. asp.net means to implement, develop or program an application, web service or web site.
Kaushal AroraTechnical Analyst

Hi ITsolutionWizard,

Its difficult to understand your requirement from what you have written, still few are the suggestions from my side. See if I have understood correctly and provided you with the to be solution or not.

various ways to Implement CRUD in MVC:
1. http://www.c-sharpcorner.com/UploadFile/2072a9/crud-operations-in-mvc/
2. http://www.c-sharpcorner.com/article/custom-model-binding-in-asp-net-mvc/
3. http://tutlane.com/tutorial/aspnet-mvc/ado-net-crud-operations-insert-update-delete-in-asp-net-mvc-4-example

This one is to create your customized scaffolding templates

Kaushal A

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