Auto Exchange mail does not appear in Sent item

Dear Experts, we got an Exchange 2016 server and have an auto mail account, for example:

Dev Team is using this account to sent bulk emails to users via C# code but when they logged into this account in Exchange, there is no any item in Sent item folder. Could you please suggest? Many thanks!
TjnoNetwork AdministratorAsked:
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Sunil ChauhanExpertise in Exchange Server, Office 365 & Powershell ScriptingCommented:
please ask the dev team what they are using, are they simply relaying emails, or using EWS managed API to send out emails, if they are simply relaying emails using that mailbox address then emails will not be saved in the mailbox, but if there are using EWS managed API then they can save the emails in the sent item folder.

this method should be called to save the msg copy in the Mailbox when using EWS managed API message.SendAndSaveCopy();

Please refer them to the following article if the EWS API is being used for more information.
TjnoNetwork AdministratorAuthor Commented:
Many thanks!
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