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Hello experts,

I need to develop a system to be used by users from different locations, I think the best option to do it is AWS. I already saw some services of AWS but till now, I'm not sure how to start and what services I will need. This is the first time that I make a system to use a database on a cloud. All the systems and apps that I have made before are for local use only or to access thru a remote desktop connections or TeamViewer , so I use a server to host the data bases and the programs.

I will use and MySQL database but I think I need a more things like a Virtual Server, maybe VPN and other things.

Does anybody have done something like this?

Please I need an advice, I'm a little lost.

Thank you very much in advance.
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Alexander ArdatovConnect With a Mentor Software ManagerCommented:
Since you have experience with local systems you may use the same approach for the beginning:
- Start virtual machine and use it as a DB server
- Make it accessible from the internet (or preferred locations) for your App.

If you need more secure, use IP and ports filers or create a VPC with VPN access as Ganesh recommended.
Ganesh Kumar AConnect With a Mentor Sr Infrastructure SpecialistCommented:
First you need to create VPC if you have plan for larger network else continue with the default VPC.

If you are going to use only VMs you can create based on the regions which ever is closer to you.

After VPC, create security groups, enable multi factor authentication for your admin account. After security group, if you are going for load balancer you can add that too associate with security groups and network ACL with ports allowed. Then start deploying VM with SQL or go for RDS or Dynamo DB which will serve without serverless LAMBDA. After you configure the SQL ensure your security part both security group and create network ACL to allow specific subnet of your public IP or range of IP. RDS consist of multiple DBs like maria, mongo, SQL, mysql, postgresql. Choose appropriately.
elm9999Author Commented:
Thank you very much guys,

Since I don't have much time to start the project, I think I will start as Alex say, then by the time I will use more options as Ganesh suggest.

Thank you again.
elm9999Author Commented:
Great advice, thank you!
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