Is it possible to change the backend database password from the front end in VBA

Clive Beaton
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I had this question after viewing Problem word extracting data from an Access database.
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Pawan KumarDatabase Expert
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The best is to call a stored procedure from UI code and then pass the password to the sp and sp  will take care of it.
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Yes it is possible. Here is the VBA code to change the Database Password in an Access database (ie in a back end)

   Public Function SSF_PwdCtl() As Boolean
    'CurrentDb.NewPassword "MyNewPassword", "MyOldPassword"

' all code from experts exchange
    'Dim WS As DAO.Workspace
    Dim sDbName As String
    Dim sPwdOld As String
    Dim sPwdNew As String
    Dim db As DAO.Database

    sDbName = "C:\SomeFolder\SomeDatabase.mdb"
    sPwdOld = InputBox("Old Pwd: ")
    sPwdNew = InputBox("New Pwd:")
    'sPwdOld = "***"
    'sPwdNew = "SomeNewPassword"   ' or ""
    Set db = DBEngine.Workspaces(0).OpenDatabase(sDbName, options:=True, readonly:=False, Connect:=";PWD=" & sPwdOld & ";")
    db.NewPassword sPwdOld, sPwdNew
    MsgBox "Pwd Accepted"
    Set db = Nothing
    SSF_PwdCtl = True

End Function

Note that using the Input Box is of course optional. You can certainly hard code the Old and New
Clive BeatonAccess Developer


Thanks, Joe.  Looks like just what I need.

DatabaseMX (Joe Anderson - Microsoft Access MVP)Database Architect / Application Developer
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You are welcome.

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