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Configure HP 1950 to Auto Assign VLANS

Dear all, We have 5-6 HP 1950 switches with weird OS, which does not allow friendly and commonly used CLI commands as the HP 2920 or Cisco IOS for that matter. 

We have an overly complicated network with 5 VLANS, we are attemtping to clean the VLANS and eliminate some. In the process we are attempting to configure the switches in a way where VLANs are assigned auto based on the device connected to the port (or MAC address for that matter). For example, if its a Mitel phone than the phone will be assigned the VoiP VLAN/ network. If its a PC then the LAN VLAN. 

Our phones are all Mitel 5360s. DHCP is done on a Meraki MX84 firewall, with the exception of the LAN, which is done on the DC/AD. 

Any ideas how to achieve this on the 1950s? Can this be implemented on other VLANs/ devices such as A/V VLAN with cameras and other devices or just Voice/ VoIP VLANs?

Many thanks for your help. 
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