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Help with Progress code

I am using a Software called Epicor that uses Progress Open Edge or 4gl.  I am needing to do a rounding function on a number field that stores a "seconds since midnight value.  What I need to do is take that value and convert it to a decimal and then round it up to the nearest quarter hour for clockin and down to the nearest quarter hour for clockout.  What I have found is in the GUI if I take the number field And create a character calculated field I can translate the value to a time.  Here is an example of the code that works
String(Integer(LaborHed.Number01),"HH:MM")  This will give me the military time I am looking for but it is separated by a colon instead of a dot.  So 15:42 is what it may translate to but 15.42 is what I am looking for.  From there I need to take that value and round it up to the nearest quarter hour which would be 15.45 but do not know the syntax to do that.  I also have the ability to just write progress code but too much of a novice to be successful.  Hope anyone can help as manually updating 1500+ employees a day is wearing on me.

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