WPF Scrollviewer keeps moving when a combobox inside of it is scrolled to bottom

Hi Guys,

I have a window which has a scrollviewer inside of it. Inside of that is a host of other controls, one of which is a combobox which has a lot of items. I have set a maxheight for the combobox dropdown and virtualized it. However when I am scrolling the combobox items and reach the bottom or top of the scrolling the main(outer) scrollviewer also keeps moving.

I am aware this is a bubbling effect WPF has but I would like to know how I can only allow the main(outer) scrollviewer to scroll when the drop down isn't open?

A behaviour or something perhaps or a totally different approach perhaps?
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I am not able to replicate your issue, could you provide an example implementation that illustrates the issue?

databarracksAuthor Commented:

I figured out my problem and found out that it was a third party library causing the issue.
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