Alternative to RDP ?

I have a Microsoft Server 2012 and I would like users to connect to it in "safe" and "secure" manner.

I would rather use a third party tool than use RDP do to internal reasons. Any recommendations ?

Pierre AmmounAsked:
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Radhakrishnan RConnect With a Mentor Senior Technical LeadCommented:

There are plenty of free Remote desktop software, but i would still suggest to use the default RDP for best security and safer side. You can have a look at this link which has most used alternate for RDP I have personally used Team viewer, UltraVNC, Remote PC from the list.

Good luck

What is it about RDP that means you don't want to use it?

The answer will determine what alternatives world work for you.

Pierre AmmounAuthor Commented:
The IT team does not want to install an RDP Server and go into that complexity. They fear this will "mess" up their setup that is a critical issue for them.
It has a legacy application and they 'd rather not touch to windows ...
So how will any other solution be different?

In fact, other non Windows native options would be far more messy, less secure, and harder to manage.

I suggest you elevate it to senior management as it sounds like your IT people are incompetent.

Hi Pierre,

For what its worth, I really recommend that you cover yourself in this situation.

If they choose to go with something other than RDP, it is quite likely that things will not go well, and the proverbial will hit the fan.  I suggest you make sure you have something in writing (email, say) showing that you noted that a third party solution is not recommended, in order to protect your reputation if / when you find you need to move to a new business.

Good luck - crappy situation to be forced into.

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