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Cam recording apps for iPhone stays running background

jana asked
We have a user that uses her iPhone to record her short travel routes.  The problem she wants to improve is keeping the iPhone recording while doing other task on the mobile (for example quick tasks like anwering/making calls, searching google, using siri, etc.).

In other words, is there an apps for iPhone for recording videos and that also can stay in the background?  (that is that if the user needs to do another task, the recording doesn't stop including receiving/making calls).
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You need to jailbreak your iPhone before you can do video capture in the background of an iPhone.


So there is no way to go about with IOS 11.1 ?
Jackie is correct .. no way to do it in iOS 11 or earlier.  Video recording app must always be "in focus" and you cannot record while the app is in the background .. sorry.


Ok thanx.