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Creation of MailboxDatabse on a different Drive (Like D or E other than default system)

I am trying to create the databse on D drive. I have created the folder directly under drive and have assigned the full permissions to system and local administrator on that folder. However, I am getting below error while creating mailbox database.

There was a problem creating directory "D:\MailboxDatabase\ManulaFolderDB" on server "TL-Main-EX01.thevlab.com". In order to ensure that the Exchange data is kept secure, please create the directory, if it does not already exist, and configure directory permissions so that "SYSTEM" and the local "Administrators" group have "Full Control" for the folder, subfolders, and files. It is recomended that permission inheritance be broken so that only "SYSTEM" and "Administrators" have access to the directory.

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8/22/2022 - Mon