Data Recovery from a Disk now shown as Unitialized 0.0 MB

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My 2.0 TB Western Digital Caviar Green (WD20EARS) has started showing up as Unitialized 0.0 MB in DiskMgmt.msc

Had partitioned it as a single physical partion with MBR.

There are around 25GB of photos/files which are important for me and we seek your kind help in recovering those.

My exposure to Hard Disk and Recovery Techniques is very minimal, so my apologies for newbie questions.

Which order do I follow to improve chances of recovery?
Also a few queries:
1. Can / should the Disk be initialized before running a recovery software?
2. Should the MBR be recreated?
3. Give same formatting and file type as before?
4. Can cloning work without unitializing

Any recommendations on softwares to be used would be appreciated.

I had this question after viewing What exactly does the 'Initialize Disk' option in Disk Management do?.
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Jackie Man IT Manager
Top Expert 2010

Unless you have unlimited budget, it is beyond the ability of any software based recovery tool to restore your data.

It is very expensive and the charge is over $100 per 1GB of data to be recovered.
Top Expert 2013

you can Always try a data recovery service  -here one with a good name, and policy: no recovery, no fee      
that said, it will cost - so you have to decide how valuable is your data ??
if you want to try yourself, i would
 1- run a short disk diag on the drive to Ensure it's operating ok
2- then install Getdataback - it will show all data it can recover -  you only pay for storing the data
noxchoIT Product Manager
Top Expert 2009

Scan the drive with GetDataBack as suggested by nobus first. If this fails then you have to visit data recovery service.
Lucas DawsonTech Reviewer


In addition to the list I will suggest you to try SysinfoTools Windows data recovery software, as this software is not so overpriced and data recovery is not limited to the file size. You can read and analyze the software via its free version


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