How to allign my personal goal to unite with coorporate goal for long term growth?

I am from Chemistry background in India with 16 years of IT Programming and DB experience. Living in US for past 9 years.

Currently, I am assigned lots of SQL Data Correction work(Backend) that will make me obsolete in future.
My corporate work does not allow me to do any new work.
My Family(3 dependents) life does not allow me to learn a whole lot.

How to smoothly transition from my current legacy, obsolete work to more reliable & paying job in future(current age:46 years until 70+ years of age).
jgdvishnuSoftware ArchitectAsked:
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The first think to do is to find out what types of jobs your current employer is looking to fill. Try to qualify for them.

2. Join web groups like "linkedin". which trys to link people looking for work with people offering work of all types. Use google to find it and then learn what it can do.
jgdvishnuSoftware ArchitectAuthor Commented:
Above solution is more generic. can I have more ideas on My situation?
Linkedin is just the site he needs
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