Remote App connections problem

Hello Experts

I have a get strange problems with my Remote App connections

When i set it up for the first time for the user everything seems to works great.
But after a couple of day there are problem, when user are trying to connect they get "The specified user name does not exist."
If i remove the remote app connections then everything works again for a couple of day.

Can anyone help me with this.

Thanks you in advance
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Olivier MARCHETTASystems EngineerCommented:
What operating system ? Do you have the latest RDP client for this machine ?
You can have a look at this blog article if you have Windows 7 SP1 :
Olivier MARCHETTASystems EngineerCommented:
Is it for a laptop / mobile user or a fixed workstation ?
Arthit84Author Commented:
This problem occur for a laptop
Arthit84Author Commented:
I have update it to latest.
But i migth have solved it, i will get back with the info if i solved :D
Arthit84Author Commented:
Hello i have actually solve it :D

The problem is that i need to add full domain name

This happen because the client are in a domain with abc.local but the new azure server have abc,com as domain name.
Since i only put in abc\username the authentication ask in the local AD and that why it tell i cant fine the user.
But when i start to put in the authenticate with the outside AD and it works now.

Thanks you you help
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