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Limiting Inbound SMTP Traffic from AppRiver's Servers

We have a client that is using AppRiver to scrub email before it is delivered to their on premise Exchange 2010 server. Throughout the day AppRiver will stop delivering email and the message states
"Our last attempt to connect to your domain has failed. Your mail server might be refusing connections from our Delivery Server.
Please ensure that your mail server is accepting inbound SMTP connections"
When that happens within a few minutes the email will start flowing again to the Exchange server and we have made no configuration change.

Any help would be appreciated. I have went through all steps in this document listed.

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Steve Randazzo

8/22/2022 - Mon

Have you checked any of your logs, especially for your firewall?
Steve Randazzo

We are looking into the firewall now

I also assume that you made sure that the MX records that are in use are the AppRiver ones, correct? I am also assuming that AppRiver has the correct IP addresses on record to connect to.

You also should contact AppRiver's customer support. They actually have some pretty good engineers, and can probably give you some pointers (I'm sure it's not the first time they came across that).
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If it is working, then stops, then starts working again without you doing anything, it is unlikely to be any configuration / setup that needs fixing.

The most obvious explanation is that your connection is going down, and then comes back up.

Have you looked at the logs on your periphery device (fibre modem or whatever it is that connects to your ISP)?

If that seems to be okay, next check whatever device is connecting to your modem, and work your way through until you get to the switch on your LAN.

Might be a bit laborious :-(

Steve Randazzo

Thank you for the replies. I have confirmed AppRiver has the correct IP-I have even changed the delivery from primary IP to a secondary IP-Which is backup ISP on Firewall. No change
AppRiver config for MX Records ate fine to

I also thought physical layer. But here are a few things that steered me away. We running monitoring software in the office, for Managed services, etc
The sensors on the software never see lost connection. Also their is a RDP server in this office as well, they never loose connection.

All just weird stuff...

I'm guessing you haven't found anything in the firewall logs? It would've made sense had something been getting slowed down from that aspect. Or if the issues occurred at times of high traffic volume.

I would definitely work it out with AppRiver support. Most ISPs wouldn't have reason to do something that would cause that type of issue, plus it would've affected other services.
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Steve Randazzo

The logs did not show anything for refusing connection. dropping connection. etc

I have worked with AppRiver multiple times. They basically say if they get an echo response that mail can be sent and are able to send mail. Then that is all they can provide. If they get a nonresponse, they hold the mail and goes out after the hold is open..
Steve Randazzo

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Steve Randazzo

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