Windows explorer files not showing or can't be found


I have a folder with over one million files on a server.
There are a files that I know are there because if I type the entire location with filename it opens up. But if I search for the file,  windows can't find it.
The files are just regular pdf or office files.
If I sort the folder by filename, those files do not show up.

Thanks for the help
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SeanSystem EngineerCommented:
Do you have indexing disabled?
Olivier MARCHETTACitrix Support and Infrastructure EngineerCommented:
what is the file extension ? Is it a hidden file or a system file ?
arnololo123Author Commented:
indexing is enable, files are regular PDF or office files (word, excel , ppt)
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Hi arnololo123,

The right answer here is that you need to archive some of those files, or if they are all required, find a better way to achieve what you want to do.

arnololo123Author Commented:
Hello, are you saying that it is normal behavior?

Unfortunately, they are all required,  what do you mean by better archiving them?

Archiving would mean moving some of the files off to another location to reduce the number of files in that single location.

Splitting them into subfolders based on some sensible taxonomy would be another options (by date, or subject, or whatever makes sense).

What are the files that you need more than a million of them available in one folder?


arnololo123Author Commented:
I need all of them there are for a web-application that thousand of user are using.

But is that normal behavior when you have that many files?

To be honest, I have never seen anything like it.

If I had a customer with even 1,000 files in a single folder, I would be encouraging them to consider a better approach (or just archive old ones), and you have 1,000 times that many.

In addition, if you have thousands of users accessing that web app, then you are talking something really major here.

Having said all that, I would absolutely expect my server to have an issue if I let it get to that many files in a single folder.

I think the web developer needs to reconsider what they are doing, and probably implement a proper database rather than what *sounds* like a flat-file structure (I am only guessing here based on what you have said - you'll need to talk to them).

If the files were, say, images or something, and new ones are being added regularly, then I would have setup a folder structure based on, for example, time (folder for each year, and subfolders for each month for example).

Sounds like the whole thing is out of control.

Maybe the best solution for you would be to bring in some web developers with more experience of large scale web application development?

Hope that helps in some way.

Olivia BondCommented:
If I were you, I would try this tool to get the files back - . It's a free tool which also offers a premium plan that allows to recover more files and gives more chances.

Hope it helps!
Hi Arnololo,

As you noted in your OP, the files are not missing, since you can access them as you said, but they are not displaying correctly in some circumstances.

As per above, the best solutions are either to change the way the files are stored into multiple folders, or to get the application updated to be able to handle things differently.



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