XXXXXXX.tmp files created on network share

I am having an issue on a network share where temp files are being created for example 273890DF.tmp.

In these folders there are office files like word and excel which seem to be linked in some way.

Tobias MillerAsked:
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William MillerInventory/IT ConsultantCommented:
Look to your AV as I answered a similar question like this not too long ago where Excel was exhibiting the same behavior. Here is the post:

The question involved a practically identical situation and upon research found that AV can interfere with how Excel (or Office programs in general) save their files. They (as Sean stated) generally save their files as temp first and then rename/remove the temp file when the document closes. AV can interfere with this process resulting in a temp file that never gets renamed/replaced. Check Bitdefender to make sure there are exceptions for Office-based file formats (docx, xlsx, etc).
SeanSystem EngineerCommented:
Are the files open that you are seeing temp files for? Office 2010 and up creates these temp files. Once they are saved and closed  the temp files are removed.
Tobias MillerAuthor Commented:
The files don't seem to be being removed as some of them are from last month.
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SeanSystem EngineerCommented:
Are these coming from all different users or just a single user? Can you see who the owner of the file is and that might tell you a bit more to narrow it down. It is possible but unlikely that there is a computer that is using that share as a temp directory.

also any chance you are using Sophos AV? There is a known issue with that AV scanning and creating temp files and would need to be disabled by their support.
Tobias MillerAuthor Commented:
The files are being created by multiple users and the AV in use is Bitdefender.
Tobias MillerAuthor Commented:
I've contacted Bitdefender for assistance with this as advised.
Jackie ManCommented:

Apart from the above reason, indexing can be a culprit also.

Essentially,  there is a scanning process in place when the Excel file is open and the  process has created a .tmp fie which it cannot remove even when the Excel file is closed.

Besides, you need to check the add-in inside Excel and they can cause the same problem too.
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