Wsus incremental copy

We have an online wsus server

That we update via usb hard drive and an internet connected wsus server. All fine and walking

Any one do just the latest updates.  

We have stuck with exporting metadata and copying the whole wsus content folder.  (Xcopy /D /E /V )

But this is quite large. And some times only one update.

Is there a method for just adding updates since last time.  Can I just copy the recent files and still use the full export metadata or is there a better way ?
Windows 2012R2
Mike HammerAsked:
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DonNetwork AdministratorCommented:
DonNetwork AdministratorCommented:
Another option(Which I prefer) would be to use WSUSOffline
Mike HammerAuthor Commented:
Yes we use wsusoffline  too for a few machines. And I like it but we do have a lot more ms products to take care of.

So. Xcopy just the recent file. And import a new export.xml.  And job done ?
Mike HammerAuthor Commented:
Hi  this has helped.
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