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I am trying to get an executable to run on Win 7 without constantly prompting for admin credentials. I followed a procedure I found on EE but when I click the shortcut I created I get a command prompt window that flashes for a second and disappears but the executable does not run. I do not want to disable UAC
InSearchOfIT DirectorAsked:
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Tyler BrooksNetwork and Security ConsultantCommented:
What procedure did you follow? I've used this once or twice quite effectively for this issue.

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What program do you need to always run as or with admin rights?
Identifying why UAC seems to require admin rights could potentially resolve the issue.
InSearchOfIT DirectorAuthor Commented:
Need to run an accounting application
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InSearchOfIT DirectorAuthor Commented:
That is what I have done but when I run it the command prompt window flashes for a second and that's it.
Tom CieslikIT EngineerCommented:
Copy line from your shortcut to Bat file, add pause on the end of file, run BAT and read why program is not executing.
Accounting application usually does not need to run as administrator.
If the application icon has a yellowish shield, it means there is something else going.
Check with the vendor to resolve why this application needs to run as admin.
InSearchOfIT DirectorAuthor Commented:
It is actually a tax program. It involves running an executable every time you want to run it.
I've seen many tax programs, have not seen one that requires administrative access.
Thomson reuter's
Did you have to run it in compatibility mode, when setting the compatibility mode, you may have forgot to allow all users to run in compatibility and that may explain why it is available to all, but still requires admin ...
William MillerIT SpecialistCommented:
Have you checked the security tab on the program shortcut to make sure it's enabled full control for the "everyone" group? Also, as a rudimentary question have you opened compatibility for the program and clicked "Run as admin" under privileges? Does this make a difference? (Though I don't know why it would) If not to any of these, at least attempt that change as well to ensure that wasn't the cause. Moving from there, this could be a program that requires an admin level account to run (We actually have a piece of software like this on-site for my company). Have you tried to load an administrator level account and run this software? Does it work then?

Edit: As an addendum, I just ran across this on SpiceWorks:


Could be worth a shot to see if this is a possible work around. Unfortunately it requires some manual setup steps, so I don't think you could globally push this, it would be individually.
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