laptop issues when using SSD, stumped on this

having strange issues with HP Elitebooks. have 2 HP 840 G1 laptops that have a solid state drive 480 GB with 8gb ram and Win10. both are identical and both are joined to a domain. I have another HP Elitebook 8470p running Win7, 380 GB drive and 4 GB ram.
This is where it gets weird, if either 840 laptop is in this end users office the system eventually crashes. (slows down, locks up,  then freezes) There is nothing in the event menu. If I use the same laptop in my office (currently using one of the 840's writing this question) the 840's do not crash, system does not slow down, runs great. If I place the 8470p that is using a standard drive in the very same office, the laptop will run fine. It seems any laptop that has a SSD drive crashes in this persons office. kind of stumped on this issue. is it really that simple and let the user know he has a Non SSD office space? Thoughts?
tjguyNetwork AdministratorAsked:
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ITSysTechSenior Systems AdministratorCommented:
Is the end user using the correct power supply for this laptop? I've seen users hook up the wrong power adapter and cause this type of issue.

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William MillerIT SpecialistCommented:
As stated above a proper test environment would be to hook up identically as the end-user has in his/her office. If you get different results, then it could most definitely be an environmental factor. However, if it's environmental to one laptop it would be to another. The SSD is a harddrive and it's unlikely a room space will cause one to fail short of massive EMI or very high temperatures going on in the room (Which should interfere with any device).
ITSysTechSenior Systems AdministratorCommented:
William makes a good point. When you bring the laptop into your office (which works fine) are you using the same power adapter or doing something different? Also, the end users power adapter could be bad and causing an overload or maybe the room or location is to hot like William said.
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Probably the only way to say if it's related to the SSD is by cloning the SSD to a conventional hard drive and then use the laptop with the conventional hard drive and do the same test.
The relation with SSD is only an assumption and there could be many other factors that can cause this.
I guess that you already checked the System and Application eventlog for errors/warnings as you mentioned that "there is nothing in the event menu".

You might also check the following:
- Is the Device Manager showing any errors
- Disconnect all devices (do also not use a docking station)
- Check if you are using the latest BIOS firmware
- Check if you are using the latest drivers
    Especially Driver-Chipset, Driver-Storage
- Check if you are using the latest firmware for the SSD

And as already mentioned above, you could try to use the laptop in a cooler room (or e.g. with the window open).

You could also try to troubleshoot the problem by downloading Process Monitor from Microsoft Sysinternals.
Enable Auto Scroll and then verify if you see some strange processes/behavior when the slow down/lock up happens.
tjguyNetwork AdministratorAuthor Commented:
I'll do the following as suggested, and again I do appreciate all the comments, at this point I am game for anything!! I will report back. I am hoping it's something as simple as the power supply.
test the laptops in safe mode - does it happen then?
also - was this Always happening, or started recently? in that case, a system restore to a prior date can help
the working laptop probably has other software on it, and maybe other GPO settings too - check these also
tjguyNetwork AdministratorAuthor Commented:
Really appreciate everyone giving me another set of eyes so to speak, on this issue. Even though the power supply was the exact same in both offices, and it did power the older 8470 laptop with no issues, not the case with the 840's. It was a bad power supply, system working well.

thanks again.
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