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Outlook 2010

AquaJ9 asked
We have outlook 2010 installed on 50 computers (Everyone is updated with windows updates for office and windows. The reception PC sends out calendar invites to other people inside the firm and our manager gets one to for each time the reception sends one. So, no one is having any issues except for the reception outlook and the managers outlook. Every 2 weeks approximately it starts freezing no matter what you do in it and after a repair of outlook it starts working perfectly. This fix works for the reception and the manager but its not really a fix since the issue comes back like 2 weeks later. They both get twice as much calendar reminders. I couldn't find anything online about limitations. I did not reinstall office because I am trying to avoid doing it. Any suggestions? reception PC is using smtp and the manager is using exchange hosted with rackspace.
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You could try creating a new Outlook profile for the user.

If that doesn't work, I know you said you don't want to re-install office, but that is the minimum next move I would do.

If it was me, rather than just Office, I would wipe the reception PC completely, re-install Windows and Office and whatever else is currently required, and see if that fixes it (and if not, you have a nice new install of Windows!)

Olgierd UngehojerSenior Network Administrator

How many calendars do you have open in the same time in outlook ?


Its only 1 calendar. I am going to try creating a new profile for reception and see if that helps.


It has been working so far. I will try the profile creation if problem starts again and I will do reinstall of office if the problem comes back again.